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Visability problem on the Highway area on Highway


Monday 16 August 2010 7:56 PM

Location: Corner of freeway where it curbs and the feedlot is on the left.Miola Brothers Feedlot

Categorie: Air


I was driving on the curb by a cattle feed lot on the outskirts of Brawley where the curb goes around towards Holtville and then the Miola feedlot is on the left side too. For around 1 mile there was very little visability to drive because of an apparent fog coming from these two feed lots. The smell was really bad and came through the vents of the A/C of the car. I am concerned for the houses nearby and for the safety of the drivers that drive around that time in the evening because of the visabilty issue. Would suggest if possible a sampling of the air at that time to see what that fog is or what it is composed of. what protection do the people have of being near these feed lots.

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