Fugitive Dust Concern near Elementary School

In Progress

Friday 9 August 2019 8:03 AM

Location: Bull Enterprises Inc, Bowker Road, El Centro, CA, USA

Categorie: Air


This morning around 7:30am there was a heavy presence of fugitive dust in the air, as demonstrated in the images attached. The dust cloud was so large I could see it 4 miles away on Heber Road going north on Bowker Rd. This didn't seem normal. I drive this way all the time. Less than two miles away is Meadow Union Elementary School a vulnerable population when it comes to air quality. How can we better manage these facilities? This is not good for our air quality.


https://www.ivan-imperial.org/images/reports/o8wtDs1565363509.jpg https://www.ivan-imperial.org/images/reports/L7vuAE1565363509.jpg https://www.ivan-imperial.org/images/reports/eCbgFt1565363509.jpg https://www.ivan-imperial.org/images/reports/CNRTZs1565363468.jpg

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