Superfund Site


Tuesday 16 October 2018 8:53 AM

Location: 1025 River Drive, Brawley, CA, USA

Categorie: Toxic Substances


Trespassing, Pesticides PureGro

Administrator Comment:

Please contact the Brawley Police Department directly to report any incident of trespassing. They can be reached at (760) 344-2111. ***DTSC Response: The former PureGro Site is not a Superfund Site. The site was a former pesticide/fertilizer manufacturer which has been shut down for almost 20 years. The site currently poses little to no risk to residents as long as they are not on the site and digging in the soil. The Site has been sprayed with Soilcrete preventing dust from the site to escape and the soil pile is covered with a coconut fiber cover, is within a fenced area inside of the Site fencing and has a bottom layer. Vandalism is the major issue. Fence repair work will be be completed by the end of the week. To view Superfund Sites in your area please use this link,

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