possible contaminated water dumping into Alamo river

In Progress

Tuesday 6 March 2018 9:00 AM

Location: 2149 Orchard Rd, Holtville, CA 92250, USA

Categorie: Water


On Monday as drove on Orchard noticed a big puddle of green stagnant water on grassy east side of bridge. On Tuesday my son and I walk the trail and observed a box set as a way to make water flow down towards trail then downwards into Alamo river. (Man made diversion) You must have a permit to dump into a waterway! What was dumped into that river, was green and stagnant!

Administrator Comment:

This report has been forwarded to Imperial County Environmental Health.


https://www.ivan-imperial.org/images/reports/seGmgu1521931118.jpg https://www.ivan-imperial.org/images/reports/qeyDDF1521931118.jpg https://www.ivan-imperial.org/images/reports/chEv4s1521931119.jpg

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