Pesticides by air by homes


Tuesday 30 January 2018 19:49 PM

Location: 2096 Country Club Dr, Holtville, CA 92250, USA

Categorie: Pesticides


Airplane spraying a field adjacent to homes!

Administrator Comment:

01/31/2018: The DTSC Imperial CUPA forwarded this report to the Imperial County Ag Commissioner's Office. 02/15/2018: Ag Commissioner's Office - We followed up on this complaint and found that the application that was observed contained only non-restricted materials, which are allowed to be applied by air. Per the pesticide permit for this field, restricted materials are prohibited to be applied by air due to the proximity to the residential area. Per a discussion with the complainant, there was no observation of drift or other conditions that may have resulted in drift. After looking into this further, no pesticide use violations were found. Please feel free to contact the Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner’s office at (442) 265-1500, if anyone ever has similar concerns regarding the legality of particular pesticide applications.


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